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A Critical Review of the Biological Processes in the Chemical Absorption-biological Reduction Integrated System for NO Removal


Wei Li*  


Exploring low-cost, green and safe technologies to provide an alternative to the conventional selective catalytic reduction process is key to the control of NOx emitted from small-scale boilers and other industrial processes. To meet the demand, the chemical absorption-biological reduction integrated system has been developing recently. chemical absorption-biological reduction integrated system applies Fe(II)EDTA for NO absorption and iron-reducing and denitrifying bacteria for absorbent regeneration. Many studies have focused on the enhancements of mass transfer and biological reaction, among which the biological processes were the rate-limiting steps. This review summarizes the current researches on the biological processes in the CABR system, which focuses on the mechanism and enhancement of biochemical reactions, and provides the possible directions of future research.


NOx removal, chemical absorption-biological reduction, green process, denitrifying bacteria, biochemical reaction, reactor design.


Key Laboratory of Biomass Chemical Engineering of Ministry of Education, Institute of Industrial Ecology and Environment, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang University (Yuquan Campus), Hangzhou, 310027

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